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Relating to more than one person; whether you are possessive or not takes mapping. People want to know they’re safe and have the freedom to be emotionally happy. The Poly map and workbook ensures you are all on the same page.


In most cases this dynamic is built less on the financial stronghold but more on the relating and communication. The exercises help you create boundaries and establish emotional bonds.


Creating a dynamic with multiple women needs a huge amount of clarity. The PolyBoxes allow you to establish a plan and execute financial and legal strongholds.


Everyone is primary to everyone. The PolyBoxes navigate how you will go about creating this bond in a healthy manner as well as protecting yourselves as you all nest together.

Undecided But Free

You know you want to relate in a platonic or intimate relationship with multiple people. First step is learning about yourself and desires. Having a plan makes grafting people in that much easier.

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